After the launch of Nvidia GeForce Now, I've searched for a way to display the list of games in a way that anyone can understand, because there were some companies that started to retires their games and I didn't want to buy a game to not be able to play it

I've met Josh Pavey in the Discord of Stryde Gaming who has coded the first version of the app called

Some days after they have launched the official GFN Discord based on the GFN Reddit, I guess, but I've seen that GFNList was dead and hopefully we have made a clone

Some dayes after, we have taken the free domain name GFNGames.TK and had fun doing that, and in the community I have been asked to redirrect the site in a place where the app stays alive instead of redirrecting it to the Glitch.ME deployment that was used when Josh's app went down

Now the app is deployed on one of my Virtual Private Servers and we've started to monitor it with Google Analytics

I still keep the original name and the app is available on GitHub

We want a minimal version that just helps viewing the games and we don't want a more complicated app or you can play with a more elaborated app

To be continued ...